Golden Gate Guitar Lessons

Golden Gate Guitar Lessons got started by Nathan Martinez after he graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory. For years he'd been teaching throughout the Bay Area. During this time, he learned how every guitar school in the Bay worked:

1. Students come to the studio (often during rush hour).

2. They have their lesson.

3. Then go right back into traffic for hours on end.

Often times students would miss lessons, come late, and students and parents wasted money on lessons they didn't happen. This was because of the old music school model. But Nathan knew there was a better way for guitar lessons to happen. This is how Golden Gate Guitar Lessons began!

Teachers would come to students instead of the other way around. Families could relax at home and students could get the most from their lessons. This evolved with new health and safety measures to online lessons so that wherever students were, they could have their lessons from the comfort of home!

The result?
Thousands of students have learned guitar without ever missing a lesson. Parents and students have saved time and energy by teachers coming to them. Students have gotten the greatest musical minds at their fingertips. Teachers have given the gift of music to students from all areas of the world. The old music school model is over. The New Way of learning music is here. And it's you- the student- who benefits bigly!

Since Golden Gate Guitar Lessons started, we've focused on each student as the individual they are. We have changed the lives of thousands of students by beginning them on their lifelong musical journey. And we look forward to the next thousand to give the gift music. Most importantly though, we look cherish starting you playing guitar.

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San Francisco, CA (94117)

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Nathan Maritnez
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Golden Gate Guitar Lessons

Music Styles:
Classical/ Rock/ Blues/ Pop/ Fingerstyle/ Folk
Instrument/Voice Types Taught:
Classical Guitar/ Electric Guitar/ Nylon String Guitar/ Steel String Guitar/ Ukulele
All Ages

Bachelor's and Master's from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Years Teaching:
10 years
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Wide Variety dependent upon the student.

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