Sandra Moore

Mrs. Sandra Moore
Attending San Jose State University with master instruction from W. Wayne Sorenson and orchestral and Wind Symphony
Director, Vernon Reed and William Trimble, she soon found many opportunities to perform with talented colleagues and
musicians. Continuing with her musical education she took additional lessons and worked with other oboists finding styles and
methods she found fit her tastes but also styles of others she could adapt for specific types of performance. One of her most
influential sounds were inspired from Carol Cousineau from the British Academy of Music in the early 1980’s.
She performed Oboe and English Horn for plays and shows, bands and symphonic performances under the direction of Jim
Schellenberger and the Chabot Symphony, Philip Zahorski with the Ohlone Symphony, Lawrence Kohl of the San Francisco
Chamber Group and Dr. Timothy Smith for the Contra Costa Symphony. Sandra started her career as Oboist for the Fremont
Symphony in under the direction of Jason Klein and David Sloss while performing for the CETA Symphony under Jonathan Khuner
and Carla Lemmon in her early career. Sandra has served on the Board of Directors for the Fremont Youth Symphony and acting
Coach for Woodwinds.
After 20 years as principle Oboist with the Ohlone Wind Orchestra she had also been performing with the premiere San Jose
Wind Symphony now for over 25 years and San Francisco Wind Symphony. Throughout her career as a performing Oboist and
English Horn player she played with hundreds of productions around the greater bay area getting kudos and ovations in every
type of performance for wind artists from San Francisco to San Jose and beyond. More recent performances were enjoyed under Dr. David Vickerman, SJSU, Dr. Craig Mckenzie SJSU, and Maestro Darrel Johnston, SJWS, Eastman School of Music.
Throughout Sandra’s professional performances her second love was sharing her knowledge and understanding of music and
particularly of the Oboe and Flute. Beginning in 1998 she began teaching students full time, young and old in holding private and group
seminars and training. Students excelled with her instruction and with impressive top awards at the state level she fostered a
great love with the fun she taught with and the students who responded with a superior understanding and performance abilities.
Parents and Students loved the fun and learning events she created that also found friendships between the students who loved
her classes for the fun they had while learning well above the standard levels.
Sandra has been a Member of CMEA and as acting Wood Winds Adjudicator for CMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival.
Today Sandra still performs with the San Jose Wind Symphony under the direction of Dr. Edward C. Harris (
and teaches while also performing for many productions, churches and plays.

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Fremont, CA (94539)

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Sandra Moore
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Music Styles:
Classical, Wind Symphony, Chamber, Popular and Modern Music
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San Jose State University, School of Music and Dance (1974-1981)
Instrument/Voice Types Taught:
Oboe, English horn
Age Ranges:
High School
Middle School
Pre-School, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adult Any Age

San Jose State University, School of Music and Dance (1974-1981)

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$75/hr $65/45min $55/30min
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I teach in accordance with the age group and the area of attendance for each student.

I currently offer distance learning by zoom.

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