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Private classical guitar lessons for adults and children over Zoom for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with an experienced, patient, and qualified professional. We will start from the beginning and focus on the fundamental techniques that will equip your fingers to play virtually any style of music with ease. 

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Stephan Kane
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Music Teachers National Association

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Classical Guitar
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Middle School
High School
7 to adult

Master of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Professional Studies Diploma, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Guitar Teaching Assistant, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Masterclass performances with Scott Tennant, Jason Vieaux, Andrew York, Pavel Steidl, Zoran Dukic, John Dearman, Martha Masters, Bill Kanengiser, David Leisner, and Benjamin Verdery

Bachelor of Music-Business, Southern Oregon University

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$100 per 60 min, $85 per 45 min, $55 per 30 min - Tuition paid monthly
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Guitar lessons will help you to:

  • Learn to read music

  • Develop effective practice techniques

  • Gain confidence in your playing and performances

  • Feel inspired and inspire others

  • Express yourself artistically

The classical guitar style will be incorporated into our weekly lessons.  It is the goal of this first period to supply each student with a foundation of understanding in the classical guitar technique that will allow them to progress in the musical direction of their choice, whether they wish to continue with classical or integrate popular or folk styles. Each lesson plan is tailored to the individual student. 

Lessons are conducted worldwide over Zoom. Set up a free 15-minute consultation lesson over Zoom to get started.

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How is the classical guitar different from the acoustic or electric guitar?

The classical guitar has nylon strings, which is easier on the fingers than the heavy steel strings of an acoustic or electric guitar. The neck is also a bit wider on the classical guitar making it better for plucking notes with your fingers instead of using a guitar pick. The technique you will learn on the classical guitar will increase your learning pace and carry over into other styles including playing the acoustic and electric guitar if you choose.

Am I too old to start learning the classical guitar?

It is never too late to start learning the guitar. Learning a musical instrument later in life has shown to have several benefits to support cognitive and emotional well-being.​

Do I need my own guitar to begin?

It is recommended that you have either your own guitar or borrow one from somebody else in order to practice throughout the week between lessons.

Do I need to take guitar lessons?

There are resources available online to supplement your guitar learning. However, taking private lessons will increase your learning pace exponentially while reducing the chances of developing bad habits in your playing, which if left unattended, could lead to carpel tunnel or other injury. Learning the guitar is a dynamic process that needs weekly attention and adjustment from a qualified teacher. ​

What kind of guitar should I have to get started?

A classical guitar with nylon strings is best for learning because it is easier on the fingers and the neck is wider. It also has a wider range of sounds for musical expression. 

For a starter model with good quality, I would recommend the Yamaha C40II classical guitar from Amazon.

For younger students, I would recommend these smaller 1/2 or 3/4 size models.

We can also figure out the right guitar size for your child during the free intro lesson. 

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