Stanford Symphony Orchestra & Ensembles

Need musicians to play at your event? You're in luck - the talented members of the Stanford Orchestra program are at your service! Whether it's a wedding, reception, birthday gathering, party, or casual get-together, we can provide a wide variety of performing ensembles! Composed primarily of Stanford students and affiliates, our musicians can make your special occasion that much more amazing. We have a wide repertoire selection available, and are open to requests. Our flexibility with ensemble sizes and instrumentation, as well as our affordable rates, make us the best choice - give your event the music it deserves!
Please contact Virginia, our Gig Coordinator, at [email protected] for more information.

Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
Member Names:
Virginia Wang
Group Type:
All types of chamber ensembles available!
Available For:
Classical, jazz, requests welcome
Take Requests:
If possible please notify ahead for requests so that musicians can prepare adequately. If you know there will be requests at the event, please let us know what genre/artist or specific songs we might expect requested if that information is available.
Pianos Required:

f you'd like an ensemble that includes a piano, we will need a piano at the venue - thanks!

Service Rate:
$400/hr on campus, $450/hr + travel off campus