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Drift: Neuro-Meditation

Center for New Music

Center for New Music Drift: Neuro-Meditation

Join Joshua W Bruner as he explores generating meditative soundscapes with an electroencephalophone or encephalophone, an experimental musical instrument and diagnostic tool which uses brain waves (measured in the same way as an EEG ) to generate or modulate sounds. Brainwave generated composition began over 50 years ago, and Joshua is working to help make this established modality a more common path for modern composers to continue to explore. We’ll also discuss brainwave frequencies and brainwave composition in a short Q & A after the performance. Come to meditate in your way or just come to observe and listen.

Joshua composes his neuro-meditation soundscapes around mimicking the human body’s optimal resting heart rate, breath rate, & brainwave states. He then blends these sonic pulses into lush evolving field recordings, which are also triggered by EEG readings.

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