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Blooming Flowers

Ensemble for These Times

Ensemble for These Times Blooming Flowers

Ensemble for These Times performs the World Premiere of Chinese composer Weiwei Miao's "Blooming Flowers, Full Moon" for piano trio, along with works by 8 living women composers:
Pulitzer-winning (first in music for a woman) Ellen Taafe Zwillich: "Lament";
American Academy of Arts and Letters’s Walter Hinrichsen Award and Miriam Gideon Prize Victoria Bond: "Binary";
American Academy of Arts and Letters Chen Yi: "Ji Dong Nuo";
Opera America Discovery Grant Lori Laitman: "The Metropolitan Tower and Other songs";
Kronos Fifty for the Future Aleksandra Vrebalov: "Passion Revisited";
Connecticut Artist Fellow Jessica Rudman "Times of Speaking and Silence"'
Theatre composer Ellen Mandel: songs;
Canadian Guggenheim Fellow Vivan Fung, "Primitive Dance" and "Folk Song"
Audrey Call (1905-2001:, "The Witch of Harlem"
Musicians: Nanette McGuinness, soprano; Anne Lerner-Wright, cello; Dale Tsang, piano; and guest violinist Ilana Blumberg

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Aleksandra Vrebalov

Passion Revisited for piano trio

Vivian Fung

Primitive Dance and Folk Song

Ellen Taafe Zwillich

Lament for cello and piano

Lori Laitman

Songs from the Metropolitan House

Weiwei Miao

Blooming Flowers, Full Moon, piano trio, World Premiere