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Viola Pandemonium: Kreutzer Etude Club with Ethan

Northern California Viola Society

Northern California Viola Society Viola Pandemonium: Kreutzer Etude Club with Ethan

Third in the Viola Pandemonium online workshop series for violists to encourage each other, practice, learn new things and check in.

Join beloved former NCVS President and current Assistant Principal in the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Ethan Filner, for rewarding, challenging, fun, and/or beautiful etudes, from Kreutzer, Hoffmeister, Campagnoli, and Mazas to Paganini, Rode, Sitt, Fuchs, and more - we all have our (sometimes secret) favorites! Join Ethan on a mission to spice up your practice sessions with new etudes and old faves. Bring an etude to share and we will workshop them together as time allows. (Provide a pdf to us in advance so we can distribute).

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