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[Canceled] The Path

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Piano Talk [Canceled] The Path

Upcoming Acclaimed Piano Talk Concert Series_5: "The Path"
Pianist Hye Won Souh & So-Mang Jeagal's acclaimed Piano Talk Series-5 returns to the Bay Area in March, 2020 with a superstar cellist Taeguk Mun.
Souh & Jeagal's Piano Talk series, known for having "all of its seats sold out" as well as being one of the trendiest piano concerts in Sillicon Valley, is excited to present its 5th program titled "The Path". In this series, they are thrilled to share the stage with a world class guest artist: cellist Taeguk Mun from South Korea, recent winner of the XVI Thaikovsky International Competition in 2019, the pablo Casals International Cello Competition as well as a recipient of the prestigious Janos Starker Prize, received $25,000 awards.

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Taeguk Mun

Guest Artist