Sweet Harmony

Presented by American Bach Soloists

Bach greatly admired the music of his forebears and was often criticized for his traditionalist approach to composition. Nevertheless, we find in his music many works that were forward-looking and innovative, favoring the rococo and galant styles that were taking hold throughout Europe. 

The Missa in A Major is a curious amalgam of the traditional and contemporary, featuring a pair of a relatively “new” instrument on the scene, the flauto traverso. Bach’s explorations into the most up-do-date styles of his era came to monumental fruition in his last works, including The Musical Offering, a lofty zenith of Bach’s practically scientific application of musical forms that culminates in his most superbly crafted Trio Sonata. 

Handel’s Water Music Suite that features the Baroque flute is paired with his charming Concerto Grosso in G Major, another work that brings the sweet-toned traverso front and center. Handel’s mellifluous setting of Look Down, Harmonious Saint, a paean to harmony by the 18th-century Irish author and poet, Newburgh Hamilton, praises music’s ability to “charm the soul, delight the ear, give us hope, and conquer fear.”

City: Davis
Price Range:
$39 to $101

Program Items

Bach Missa in A Major
Bach Trio Sonata from "The Musical Offering"
Handel Water Music Suite in G Major
Handel Look Down, Harmonious Saint
Handel Concerto Grosso in G Major, Opus 3 No. 3


American Bach Soloists orchestra
Jeffrey Thomas conductor
Yulia Van Doren soprano
Gabrielle Timofeeva López mezzo-soprano
Jacob Perry Jr. tenor
Mischa Bouvier bass
Tekla Cunningham violin
Sandra Miller flute

Davis Community Church

Davis Community Church

412 C Street
Davis, CA 95616
United States