The Green Revolution and More New Music by Local Composers

Presented by Glenview Classical Series

Glenview Classical Series presents a concert of new music by local composers, including a brand new chamber opera about food science called "The Green Revolution," by Lewis Patzner. To round out the evening we'll have new pieces by Marissa Deitz, Victoria Fraser, Alisa Rose, Derek Sup, & Ariel Wang!

The "Green Revolution" is a chamber opera in 4 scenes, connected by the thematic narrative of food science. Scene 1 is the Ode to Nature, celebrating Mother Nature and her glorious bounty. Scene 2 is Norman Borlaug's Nobel Prize acceptance speech. He was a food scientist and father of the Green Revolution that intensively crossbred wheat, resulting in what's known as "modern wheat." Scene 3 is an operations meeting of a food science company. A scientist and a lawyer confer with the CEO to strategize how to maximize profits. Scene 4 is a double date, where 4 people discuss the trendy eating habits.

City: Oakland
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Program Items

Lewis Patzner The Green Revolution
Victoria Fraser TBA
Ariel Wang TBA
Derek Sup TBA
Alisa Rose TBA
Marissa Deitz TBA


Victoria Fraser Soprano
Derek Sup Tenor
Bradley Kynard Baritone
Ariel Wang Violin
Alisa Rose Violin
Lewis Patzner Cello
Marissa Deitz Actor

St. Paul Lutheran Church

St. Paul Lutheran Church

1658 Excelsior Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602
United States