Kontrapunktus presents THE BEGOTTEN SON: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Presented by Kontrapunktus

THE BEGOTTEN SON: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

KONTRAPUNKTUS triumphantly returns this late May/early June with seven performances of its new production, “THE BEGOTTEN SON: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach,” which commemorates the artistry of arguably the most important, yet unheralded composer whose ingenuity ushered in the Classical era of music, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

As second of five surviving sons, Emanuel Bach (as he was known) embarked on an unusual journey to overcome the prodigious shadow of his father, Johann Sebastian Bach. Although he was personally trained in music by his father, Phillip Emanuel, didn’t seriously pursue his career as a composer in earnest until he graduated from law school and obtained an appointment as the harpsichordist in Frederick the Great’s royal orchestra in 1738. He spent the next 50 years of his life establishing an impeccable reputation of his own as an accomplished composer, music theorist who wrote the first important treatise on keyboard playing, and mentored scores of Classical giants such as Mozart and Haydn. In fact, when asked about C.P.E. Bach, Mozart famously noted that “He is the father, we’re the children.”

However, he never escaped the omnipresent legacy of his own father and, consequently, his music became forgotten over time.

KONTRAPUNKTUS is a world-class chamber ensemble led by acclaimed Sphinx Competition First Place Laureate and Concertmaster, Hannah White, and features the incomparable Aubree Oliverson as its soloist. Ms. Oliverson’s violin will be substituting the flute in her visceral interpretation of C.P.E. Bach’s beloved “Flute Concerto in D Minor, H.484.1, Wq. 22.”

City: Long Beach
Price Range:
$20 to $25

Program Items

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Symphony in G Major, H. 648, Wq. 173
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Trio Sonata in A Minor, H. 572, Wq. 148
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Harpsichord Concerto in E Minor, H.418, Wq. 15
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Cello Concerto No. 3 in A Major, H.439 Wq. 172
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Flute Concerto in D Minor, H.484.1, Wq. 22


Hannah White Concertmaster
Cameron Alan-Lee First Violin
David Chang Second Principal Violin
Haesol Lee Violin
Clara Bouch Viola
Osheen Manukyan Cello
Tomsen Su Second Cello
Nicholas Arredondo Double Bass
Gabriel Crist Harpsichord
Aubree Oliverson Soloist

Grace First Presbyterian Church - Long Beach

Grace First Presbyterian Church - Long Beach

3955 North Studebaker Road
Long Beach, CA 90808
United States