Port Townsend Presents Mary Springfels: The Voice of the Baroque Mini-Workshop (A Four-Part Series)

Presented by San Francisco Early Music Society

Please note that for these weekday mini-workshops, participants are expected and encouraged to attend all sessions for the topic, as each class builds upon its predecessor(s).

The Voice of the Baroque

Western music has, since the days of the ancients, formed a bridge between the study of science and the spoken word.  By the late 17th Century, oratory became musical, and music became oratorical.  We’ll spend a bit of each session discussing this interrelationship,  listening to examples, and playing or singing.  You will find that even a short introduction to the art of Rhetoric will hone your analytical skills, and help you to play more expressively.

Have no fears, this will be fun!

The course will be open to singers and players of all instruments. 

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