Love's Fiery Arrows

Presented by Teatro Mistral

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Yes, February is Cupid's month (that pesky imp), the month we celebrate all matters of that wayward beast, the human heart (and there are many, many matters of the heart, aren't there????) I daresay love is a many faceted creature prone to incomprehensible excursions and a propensity to head off into unknown, unreliable territories!!

Love. Love. Love. What it means, where it's headed, when it strikes and for whom and for what is as mysterious as the human spirit it captures!
To celebrate this wondrous (and often messy) experience, Opera Cocktales will offer an unusual array of Love's operatic meanings including the illicit (Leoncavallo's Pagliacci), the coerced (Verdi's Il Trovatore) the evil (Gound's Faust) and the far way (Spain - Granados' Tonadillas).

Soooo, why not JOIN US for a feast of operatic Love in all its obstinate glory!! J
Join us for Opera Cocktales Feb. 1st event at our much loved, classic San Francisco guessed it!
The luminous piano bar at Martuni's!!! Kick off the reveries and revelry of Cupid's fiery month with some magnificent Operatic mayhem!
We promise you a performance worthy of that 2nd specialty martini!!!
Sit back and indulge in the very best drinks in town while we sing for you!!

Now....what could be better that that???!!!

(Free with Cocktail purchase!!)

City: San Francisco
Price Range:
Free with Cocktail purchase

Program Items

Gounod, Granados, Leoncavallo, Verdi, Puccini and others.... Scenes, arias and duets from the world of opera!


Jeff Jones bass baritone
Rachel Warner contralto
Tristan Robben baritone
Vismaya Lhi spinto soprano/director
Daniel Sullivan pianist

Martuni's Piano Bar

Martuni's Piano Bar

4 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States