Transitions: 21st Annual Voices in Peace Concert

Presented by Voci Women's Vocal Ensemble

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Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble presents its 21st annual “Voices in Peace” concert, a fall tradition that offers stunningly beautiful music to comfort and inspire us on a path of peace. This year’s theme is “Transitions,” a program of music that explores and embraces change, from seasonal transitions to milestones such as birth, marriage, leaving and returning home. The program includes Orlando di Lasso’s “Pronuba Juno,” Gustav Holst’s “Hymn to the Dawn,” and “Deer Song” from Craig Hella Johnson’s oratorio Considering Matthew Shepard. Works by Samuel Barber, Dale Trumbore, Joan Szymko and Eleanor Daley also are featured. The performance includes the world premiere of Edna Yeh’s setting of Sara Teasdale’s poem “Twilight.” Co-conductors are Li-Wen Monk and Edna Yeh.

City: Oakland
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