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Golden Gate Radio Orchestra "American Songbook"

Golden Gate Radio Orchestra "Playing the Great American Songbook" plays from its vast 9,000 arrangement library of original arrangements from the first three-quarters of the 20th century. It's the largest known collection in existence. Twenty well-seasoned players, under the direction of Maestro Steven Reading will get your feet tapping, face smiling, and entertain you with the great music of the past authentically performed in original style. If there's a dance floor, you can foxtrot, waltz, Charleston, Tango, even Rag with a terrific live orchestra, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and vocalists. We can also come up with that smaller ensemble playing this style of music, for special occasions. We're flexible. Give us a call if interested!

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Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone (415) 668 8733
Hourly Rate* Depends upon event needs.
Coverage Bay Area. Centered in San Mateo/San Francisco
Group Type 18 member orchestra
Repertiore "Plays the Great American Songbook" 1900-1960's
Available For Concerts, Ballroom dances, Vintage themed events
Piano Required? No
Piano at venue necessary. We can supply electronic.
Take Requests? Yes
We can prepare requests with advance notice.
* All rates are estimated and subject to change

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