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San Francisco Classical Voice is the go-to place for great music in the Bay Area, offering its visitors a multitude of ways to engage in classical music.

SFCV features reviews and previews of the Bay Area's wide range of classical music performances; insightful features from leading writers; news about the local music scene; and the most complete classical music events calendar, along with useful listening links and ways to learn more about the art form we all love.

Our site is updated on a daily basis and our weekly newsletter gets published every Tuesday. The site reaches over 30,000 unique visitors on average per month. Roughly 90 percent of readers live in the Bay Area, with the rest spread across the U.S. and the world.

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SFCV Readers

SFCV readers are an engaged, knowledgeable, and influential group. Our readers are interested in concerts representing every style and genre of classical music. According to our most recent audience survey:

  • 46 percent go to three or more concerts a month
  • 57 percent spend between 15 minutes and an hour reading SFCV
  • 73 percent rate their knowledge of classical music as experienced or professional
  • 50 percent hold season tickets to a wide range of Bay Area presenters
  • 61 percent have a professional or volunteer affiliation with an arts organization

Our readers' demographics reflect the classical music scene:

  • 51 percent male; 49 percent female
  • 9 percent are under age 34; 51 percent are age 35-64; and 40 percent are age 65 and over
  • 47 percent have a total annual household income of $100,000 or higher
  • 93 percent hold a bachelor's, graduate, or professional degree

Other Information

In order to ensure our readers' trust in our independent coverage, San Francisco Classical Voice maintains a strict separation between editorial and advertising. There is absolutely no connection between the ads we run and the reviews or other coverage we publish in SFCV. Any ad that appears in SFCV is not an endorsement of a particular group, and in no way influences who we cover or how we cover the Bay Area classical music scene.


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