Ancient Airs

An exploratory chamber music class is for instrumentalists who are newer to their instruments. The focus is on play-based music learning, improvisation, ornamentation, and other explorations of creativity. Chants and dances from around the world; Baroque to folk; and beyond.

In-person instrumental ensemble for budding musicians. Rooted in practices/repertoire from specific music periods and styles and stemming out to student-selected repertoire from any era.

Well-rounded access to music education. Equal time is devoted to music theory and active music making providing a deeply educational experience for instrumentalists

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$775 for the Fall Semester
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Musically Minded offers unique music education programs in multiple genres on most instruments designed to help students develop a passion not only for individual instruments but for excellent musicianship. We aim to inspire our students to learn music as a language and communicate and connect with themselves and their communities through the enjoyment of this art form.

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Fall Semester
Scholarship Programs:

There are no scholarships for Fall Semester, yet there will be scholarships starting in 2023 for the Spring Semester.

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Ancient Airs - A Chamber Music Class for Youth