Stephan Kane | Classical Guitar Lessons

Private classical guitar lessons for adults and children over Zoom for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with an experienced, patient, and qualified professional. We will start from the beginning and focus on the fundamental techniques that will equip your fingers to play virtually any style of music with ease. 

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Grand Feature Film Orchestra - community/youth ensemble (GFFO)

The Grand Feature Film Orchestra (GFFO)

We're a non-profit San Francisco Bay Area student/community group based in Vacaville, California.  With a passion for how music, sound effects, and visual media come together to tell stories, The Grand Feature Film Orchestra studies, rehearses, and presents creative original and restored film scores live with the movie. Films from Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton, Lang, and more, come to life with the music perfectly synchronized with the action on the screen.

New Notes - Orchestral Instrumental Ensemble for kids and adults

This ensemble plays classical and current repertoire. Unlike most classical training, students are guided through improvisation sections in each performance piece. All levels and ages are welcome, and parts are customized for each instrumentalist. This session will focus on The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, The Deserted Garden by Florence Price and a sing-along-play-along of Iz's version of Over the Rainbow to perform on May 20th.

Sandra Moore

Mrs. Sandra Moore
Attending San Jose State University with master instruction from W. Wayne Sorenson and orchestral and Wind Symphony
Director, Vernon Reed and William Trimble, she soon found many opportunities to perform with talented colleagues and
musicians. Continuing with her musical education she took additional lessons and worked with other oboists finding styles and
methods she found fit her tastes but also styles of others she could adapt for specific types of performance. One of her most

New Notes

New Notes (9am-11am)

For more experienced musicians, this chamber music curriculum reflects the transformation of the turn of the century Classic/Romantic standards into contemporary instrumental music of more recent eras, expanding the envelope of structure as well as some improvisational skills; from rags to riches.

Ancient Airs

An exploratory chamber music class is for instrumentalists who are newer to their instruments. The focus is on play-based music learning, improvisation, ornamentation, and other explorations of creativity. Chants and dances from around the world; Baroque to folk; and beyond.

In-person instrumental ensemble for budding musicians. Rooted in practices/repertoire from specific music periods and styles and stemming out to student-selected repertoire from any era.

Midsummer Magic on the Village Green

Immerse your child in a fun-filled week as we explore several centuries of English music through theater, dance, and visual art! As we delight in being able to more safely come together, we will explore music that celebrates renewal, rebirth, and rejoicing. 

History comes to life in tales and stories through theater. Music soars as you make music, dance and sing in the sun.