Egghead Serenade With the St. Louis Symphony

Robert Arneson’s five Egghead sculptures began appearing on the UC Davis campus in 1991. Now they are a daily, well-loved, reminder to the students, teachers and staff on campus, that humor and inventiveness need not be forgotten in the middle of a busy life.

That explains the Egghead Walk, part of the St. Louis Symphony’s recent residency on campus. On Friday, March 15, members of the Symphony took part in a walk, which paused at each Egghead sculpture for the musicians to play a new piece, by each of the members of the UC Davis composition faculty, inspired by the sculpture. SFCV was there to capture moments in the walk, in these interviews with composers, students, and musicians. 

Watch the Videos

St. Louis Symphony Cellist Bjorn Ranheim

St. Louis Symphony Pianist Peter Henderson

UC Davis Students

KDVS DJ Ed Martin

Composer Laurie San Martin

Composer Sam Nichols

Sandra Shannonhouse