Mark MacNamara

Mark MacNamara, a writer and journalist based in Asheville, North Carolina, has written for such publications as NautilusSalonThe Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Vanity Fair. From time to time, his pieces in San Francisco Classical Voice also appear in  Noteworthy examples include a piece about Philip Glass’s dream to build a cultural center on the Pacific Coast; a profile of sound composer Pamela Z and an essay on the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. MacNamara recently won several awards in the 2018 Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards presented by the San Francisco Press Club.  His website is

Articles By This Author

Mark MacNamara - March 29, 2022

A dramatic soprano at the peak of her powers talks about the life of a singer, climbing the ladder, and staying grounded.

Mark MacNamara - September 1, 2020

Musicians of the Colour of Music Festival recount the difficulties for Black musicians to break into classical music.

Mark MacNamara - January 3, 2020

The successful, young executive is ruffling some feathers with her message of change for classical-music organizations.

Mark MacNamara - June 18, 2019

Hawa Diabaté missed the festival due to visa delays, but the problem is much wider than that.

Mark MacNamara - May 25, 2019

Two companies will not perform at the SFIAF because of unusual visa rejections.

Mark MacNamara - March 1, 2019

The portrait of a veteran saxophonist, still at large.

Mark MacNamara - November 27, 2018

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s president has a strategy to make music conservatories broader and more relevant.

Mark MacNamara - November 6, 2018

The Oakland Symphony's conductor focuses on using music to bring his community together.

Mark MacNamara - October 8, 2018

The Green Center’s new executive director looks to make art matter to his student constituents.

Mark MacNamara - May 22, 2018

Can a "flat" organization prevent the abuse endemic in hierarchies? Are humane values worth some inefficiency?