Zakir Hussain & Masters of Percussion

Lisa Petrie on March 8, 2012

Bay Area audiences know the classical tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain for his outstanding cross-genre collaborations over the years. Give your kids their first taste of India and its instruments with this fascinating concert. Hussain performs with Fazal Qureshi on tabla (hand drum) and kanjira (tambourine family); Rakesh Chaurasia on the bansuri (bamboo flute); Dilshad Khan on a sarangi (bowed stringed instrument); Navin Sharma, the dholak (double-headed drum); and Abbos Kosimov, doyra (tambourine family). The graceful Meitei Pung Cholom Performing Troupe, known as the dancing drummers of Manipur, completes the spectacle.