Lisa Petrie

Lisa Petrie is a writer and specialist in marketing and public relations for arts and education organizations. She earned a DMA in flute performance from SUNY, Stony Brook, and is the mother of two musical kids. Lisa was the Content Manager for the Kids and Families section of San Francisco Classical Voice during 2011.

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Lisa Petrie - March 22, 2012

There’s no one better than Loren Schoenberg to team up with Etienne Charles for an hour of performance.

Lisa Petrie - March 8, 2012

Zakir Hussain delivers brilliant performances that have established him as a national treasure in his native India.

Lisa Petrie - February 12, 2012

Manga meets Mozart in this colorful production.

Lisa Petrie - February 3, 2012

The drummers of TAO bring a modern flair to the ancient art form, drawing on the diverse backgrounds of its performers.

Lisa Petrie - January 20, 2012

Benjamin Simon and the S.F. Chamber Orchestra delight in collaborating with youth ensembles such as the gifted Piedmont Choir.

Lisa Petrie - January 6, 2012
How Can Wind Players Deal with Braces?
Are braces getting in the way?
Lisa Petrie - January 6, 2012

Children between the ages of 3 and 10 should have a parent present at both lessons and practice sessions.

Lisa Petrie - January 5, 2012

You may wonder, when researching music teachers, whether your child needs classical training if she or he is more interested in rock, jazz, folk or world music, for example.

Lisa Petrie - January 5, 2012
Alexis Alrich with two students at Crowden
Alexis Alrich with two students at Crowden

Before you choose a teacher for your child, you have to