Jeff Kaliss - June 25, 2019

The First Nations singer/composer plays a Pride weekend gig at Yerba Buena Gardens.

Lou Fancher - June 7, 2019

YBCA hosts The Exceptionally Elderly Overweight Black Man Phoenix on June 14.

Jeff Kaliss - June 4, 2019

Brian Baumbusch’s multimedia work is inspired by gamelan orchestras and horror films.

Janos Gereben - May 28, 2019

The rising mezzo-soprano talks about her lifetime of training for the demanding role.

Jeff Kaliss - May 20, 2019

A sense of coming together and the power of the collective underline the quartet’s fifth annual festival.

Lou Fancher - May 10, 2019

The award-winning Orihara explores the intersection of American and Japanese modern-dance traditions as expressed by women choreographers.

Lily O'Brien - May 6, 2019

Polymath Niloufar Talebi’s operatic performance piece premieres at Z Space this week.

Jeff Kaliss - April 30, 2019

The Bay Area chorus New Voices is for vocalists who identify as transgender, intersex, and gender-queer.

Lou Fancher - April 8, 2019

Ensemble Illume shine light on unusual trios from Brahms and Kaija Saariaho on April 13.

Lou Fancher - April 5, 2019

Informed by veteran soldiers and a serving battalion, Kay’s work touches on every aspect of war and its aftermath on the people who wage it.