Yoshi Kato

Yoshi Kato is an independent journalist from the South Bay who covers both popular and performing arts-oriented music and arts and entertainment in general. He tweets and is on Instagram as @yoshi140.

Articles By This Author

Yoshi Kato - August 28, 2023

The avant-garde icon will team up with favorite collaborators for a series of concerts at the Great American Music Hall.

Yoshi Kato - May 19, 2020

Jazz artists follow the lead of the classical world in finding new sources of patronage.

Yoshi Kato - November 27, 2018

The gifted musical multitasker talks about upcoming gigs at SFJAZZ and with the Oakland Symphony.

Yoshi Kato - October 15, 2018

In his recent Bay Area sets, the musician turned on a new audience with an aesthetic that mixes electronic dance loops and beats with traditional jazz grooves.