Andrew Gilbert

A Los Angeles native based in the Berkeley area since 1996, Andrew Gilbert covers jazz, international music and dance for KQED's California Report, The Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Berkeleyside and other publications.

Articles By This Author

Andrew Gilbert - May 13, 2024

The 89-year-old tenor player still sings and swings with the best of them.

Andrew Gilbert - May 13, 2024

Santa Cruz violinist Kaethe Hostetter tours the state this month with Qwanqwa, an all-star group featuring players from Addis Ababa.

Andrew Gilbert - April 23, 2024

Complex, wide-ranging, and shot through with visual imagery, the guitarist’s new compositions could easily make for a film score.

Andrew Gilbert - April 22, 2024

The saxophonist and flutist, who returns to the Bay Area this month, has gained a cult following for his unique artistic intuition.

Andrew Gilbert - April 9, 2024

The trumpeter’s new group combines a jazz quartet with a string trio and doesn’t sacrifice the particularities of either ensemble.

Andrew Gilbert - April 2, 2024

Video game music has a sizable fan base, and the academy has taken notice.

Andrew Gilbert - March 18, 2024

With a heroic sound and broad interests, the Oakland native is more than ready for the spotlight at SFJAZZ.

Andrew Gilbert - March 11, 2024

With what could have been a straightforward tribute concert, Younger and guests craft something original and transcendent.

Andrew Gilbert - February 20, 2024

On his new album, Isolation Suite, the seasoned Bay Area musician doesn’t shy away from the heavy feelings of the past several years.

Andrew Gilbert - February 20, 2024

The Gurgels have been bringing São Paulo to San Francisco for a decade now, courtesy of the Cressman clan.