Jim Farber

Jim Farber wrote his first classical music review in 1982 for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal. Since then, he has been a feature writer and critic of classical music, opera, theater, and fine art for The Daily Variety, the Copley Newspapers and News Service, and the Los Angeles Newspaper Group (Media News).

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 Los Angeles Philharmonic  An Exciting Alice in Wonderland Opera
March 3, 2015

Netia Jones, David Henry Hwang, and composer Unsuk Chin combined to make L.A. Philharmonic's Alice a theatrical thrill ride.

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 Los Angeles Opera  <em>Ghosts of Versailles</em> Back From the Dead
February 10, 2015

Los Angeles Opera breathes new life into John Corigliano’s brilliant, if overlong, opera.

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 Long Beach Opera  Long Beach Opera Delivers a Bloodless <em>Thérèse Raquin.</em>
January 21, 2015

Tobias Picker's opera is revived by the adventurous, if shoestring-budgeted, Los Angeles company.

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Modern Classical REVIEW
 Los Angeles Philharmonic Green Umbrella Monsters, Rodents and Superheroes Under L.A. Philharmonic's Green Umbrella
January 19, 2015

The Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella series harbors a Frankenstein and other offbeat works conducted by John Adams.

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
 Los Angeles Philharmonic  Rattling Disney Hall to the Rafters
November 7, 2014

A program from Esa-Pekka Salonen and the Los Angeles Philharmonic titled “in/Sight” features an inaugurate a five-concert series of video artist collaborations shakes the Disney Hall Rafters.

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Chamber Music REVIEW
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas  <em>Zones of Influence</em>: Beats Evolve at REDCAT
November 3, 2014
At the Cal Arts REDCAT theater in Los Angeles, David Rosenboom and percussionist William Winant performed a technologically updated version of Zones of Influence. More about 'Twas the Night Before Christmas »
Feature Article
October 28, 2014

From vampires to a neglected John Corigliano work, this season at L.A. Opera bears the stamp of the companyʼs advenurous CEO.

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
 Los Angeles Philharmonic  <em>Earth Shadows</em> Pipes Premiere at L.A. Phil
October 25, 2014

Kajai Saariaho’s Earth Shadows Receives American Premiere with Salonen and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

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Feature Article
October 22, 2014

Looking for the next David Daniels, a countertenor who can make a strong dramatic impression in leading Handel roles? He may have been discovered at this summer’s Operalia Competition.

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Feature Article
September 2, 2014

The vocal competition equivalent of the Olympics, also the audition of a lifetime, Operalia in L.A. paraded an all-star roster of young talent in front of scouts from the world’s biggest opera houses. 

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
    Sensual Success in L.A. Phil <em>Così fan tutte</em>
May 25, 2014

The third presentation of the Mozart/Da Ponte trilogy from the L.A. Phil of Così fan tutte is a musical triumph and an operatic delight of the first magnitude.

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
   Terry Riley to the Max
April 12, 2014

The “Minimalist Jukebox,” a grand exploration of minimalism, is spinning Los Angeles itself. Two days belonged to the man who started it all: Terry Riley.

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Feature Article
March 25, 2014

The Los Angeles Philharmonic does another deep dive into contemporary American music with its “Minimalist Jukebox” festival.

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  Long Beach Opera <em>Klinghoffer</em> Sings Again at Long Beach Opera
March 15, 2014

A moving, masterful production of John Adams’ Death of Klinghoffer raises vital political and religious issues that refuse to die.

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Feature Article
February 19, 2014

The famous psychological horror story reimagined as an oratorio by teenagers at the Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts.

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News Report
October 21, 2013

It’s been a long road, but Frank Zappa’s magnum opus has finally been reconstructed and is given a semistaged production, complete with video, this week at Disney Hall.

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News Report
October 2, 2013

For 16 years, Los Angeles sweated over the creation of glorious, glamourous Walt Disney Concert Hall. Then it opened and the city celebrated. Ten years later, the celebrations continue.

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
  Los Angeles Philharmonic Sublime vs. Snafu at the Hollywood Bowl
August 13, 2013

The L.A. Philharmonic’s excellent performance of the Verdi Requiem was very nearly brought down by the slip-ups of an overmatched video crew.

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   A Sublime <em>Marriage of Figaro</em> From L.A. Phil
May 19, 2013

The L.A. Philharmonic presentation of Marriage of Figaro combines dramatic intensity and social commentary with music-making at a level that could only be described as sublime.

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Feature Article
September 25, 2012

Musopen, the Palo Alto–based website, is pioneering the new frontier in classical music starting by creating a free resource of recordings.

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