Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones, professor emeritus at Oberlin College, is a teacher, lecturer, and translator living in the Bay Area. He sings and plays recorder, violin, and viola da gamba in a number of early-music groups.

Articles By This Author

Nicholas Jones - February 11, 2024

The soprano delivers an eclectic program based on her album Voice of Nature: The Anthropocene.

Nicholas Jones - November 21, 2023

Artistic Director Harry Bicket leads a starry cast in a performance that would have any Baroque operagoer clamoring for more.

Nicholas Jones - November 7, 2023

The countertenor with the clarion voice bestrides two J.S. Bach cantatas, but three youthful violin soloists steal the show.

Nicholas Jones - October 31, 2023

Heinrich Schütz’s Musikalische Exequien, dubbed Music to Accompany a Departure in this production, is radically reconfigured.

Nicholas Jones - October 23, 2023

The company’s modern premiere of Domenico Freschi’s forgotten 1681 opera gets the details right.

Nicholas Jones - August 21, 2023

An excellent cast gives excellent performances, making the case for the Walnut Creek-based company.

Nicholas Jones - August 1, 2023

A musically satisfying performance lacks dramatic coherence in West Edge Opera’s production.

Nicholas Jones - May 22, 2023

The orchestra, three superb soloists, and extended choral forces bring both the power and tragic intimacy of the work to life.

Nicholas Jones - May 9, 2023

The group’s season-ending concert was devoted to Handel’s Apollo and Daphne and Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Pygmalion.

Nicholas Jones - March 21, 2023

The annual showcase of excerpts from operatic works-in-progress confirms the future is bright for today’s composers and librettists.