Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones, Professor Emeritus at Oberlin College, is a teacher and lecturer in the Bay Area. He sings and plays recorder, violin, and viola da gamba in a number of early music groups, is a member of the Music Critics Association of North America, and serves on the board of Early Music America. 

Articles By This Author

Nicholas Jones - July 6, 2021

The brilliant Baroque violinist died in June, leaving an impressive legacy. Here’s our guide to some of her best work.

Nicholas Jones - April 26, 2021

Outdoors and socially distanced, the company’s new production foretells a return to fully live opera, despite the burden of electronic mediation.

Nicholas Jones - November 23, 2020

Juxtaposing real-time and recorded choral sections evokes a dreamlike atmosphere contrasting intimacy and isolation.

Nicholas Jones - February 24, 2020

The Berlin-based ensemble performs hidden gems with extraordinary verve and precise musicality.

Nicholas Jones - February 24, 2020

Three of the restored violins take the limelight in a Vivaldi concerto.

Nicholas Jones - February 3, 2020

The great viol player leads a program of Baroque Spanish theater music at Cal Performances.

Nicholas Jones - January 28, 2020

The violinist and orchestra are at their finest in Mozart’s “Turkish” Concerto.

Nicholas Jones - January 14, 2020

Pianist Robert Mollicone accompanies the mezzo in a program of “Spanish” music filtered through composers from France, Russia, Italy, and even Spain.

Nicholas Jones - November 11, 2019

The singers are superb, but the production’s temperature is curiously cool.

Nicholas Jones - November 4, 2019

Contrasting works by Henry Purcell and Michael Nyman spark new sounds.