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Paul Kotapish - October 19, 2021

The pioneering festival highlighting Black classical-music composers and performers makes its West Coast debut Nov. 10–13.

Paul Kotapish - September 28, 2021

Live music returns for SFEMS’s lively 45th season.

Paul Kotapish - September 14, 2021

An international slate of celebrated favorites and rising stars pluck, strum, and fret live on stage starting Sept. 17.

Paul Kotapish - September 8, 2021

Breed and 24 mayors across the country urge Congress to speed recovery by supporting additional relief for the arts sector.

Paul Kotapish - August 31, 2021

With new safety measures in place, Kohl kicks off a return to live music with the Harlem Quartet and Aldo Lopez-Gavelán on Oct. 31.


Paul Kotapish - August 24, 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the streaming edition of the annual SFCV readers’ poll.

Paul Kotapish - August 3, 2021

From bluegrass to Bach to his own bottomless fount of originals, the mandolin virtuoso does it all.

Paul Kotapish - July 27, 2021

A special performance filmed at the Hollywood Bowl features all 16 tracks from Eilish’s latest album.

Paul Kotapish - July 13, 2021

Two concerts in New York will initiate PBO’s first out-of-town appearances in two years.

Paul Kotapish - June 29, 2021

Look for a mix of jazz, roots, classical, opera, dance, and theater starting Oct. 14.