Yoko Rosenbaum

Yoko Rosenbaum is a 14-year-old pianist and writer from Los Angeles who has participated in the Young Performers Program at Music@Menlo for the past four years.

Articles By This Author

Yoko Rosenbaum - December 12, 2013

Recently, the big classical music institutions have acknowledged the problem of their dwindling audiences. Have they learned enough to survive?

Yoko Rosenbaum - November 7, 2013

It takes more than practice to get to Carnegie Hall. Here’s one musician’s story of what she’s done and sacrificed for love of music.

Yoko Rosenbaum - October 3, 2013

Unsure how to handle a piece that pushes your boundaries, or that you don’t initially like? You’re not alone.

Yoko Rosenbaum - September 6, 2013

In order for practice to make perfect, you need to be organized. Here are four hints on how to get the most out of practice time.

Yoko Rosenbaum - August 22, 2013

Performing in front of others is a psychological challenge, and there are ways to prepare for the inevitable jitters. But the most important thing to remember about making mistakes: It's not the end of the world.