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Tiburon Music Festival

Tiburon Music Festival

June 20-28

Not that you need another reason to visit Tiburon this summer, but pianist Paul Smith has organized a second iteration of his Tiburon Music Festival there, and this year it has a few tantalizing morsels, beyond the venue — lovely St. Hilary’s Church — the natural scenery, and the cool restaurants.

The Tiburon Chamber Players is a group of San Francisco Symphony musicians, which will be giving a concert of Mozart and Schubert on June 23. Yes, Anton von Webern is also on the program, but don’t wince — the Six Bagatelles are short. On June 20, 27, and 28, local singers perform an intriguing double bill for Contemporary Opera Marin: Leonard Bernstein’s underrated Trouble in Tahiti, and Claudio Monteverdi’s not-so-contemporary dramatic work The Combat of Tancred and Clorinda.

Tickets top out at a reasonable $20, and there are refreshments and wine offered after every performance. Sometimes small is good.

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