Michael Zwiebach

Michael Zwiebach is the senior editor/content manager for SFCV. He assigns all articles and content, manages the writing staff, and does editing. A member of SFCV from the beginning, Michael holds a Ph.D. in music history from the University of California, Berkeley.

Articles By This Author

Michael Zwiebach - June 21, 2022

The proposed law would bolster school arts programs, particularly for underserved and economically disadvantaged students.

Michael Zwiebach - June 14, 2022

It’s the first event in a new series of partnerships between the company and Bay Area stakeholders.

Michael Zwiebach - June 7, 2022

A strong cast triumphed over a fumbling concept in the company’s new production.

Michael Zwiebach - May 17, 2022

The orchestra will feature a variety of soloists next season, while Andrew Bales’s successor prepares to build on the organization’s successes.

Michael Zwiebach - May 10, 2022

His winning work, Voiceless Mass, is mesmerizing and visceral, according to the committee.

Michael Zwiebach - April 19, 2022

Broadway dominates, but some of the world’s great classical quartets and jazz headliners are also visiting Costa Mesa next season.

Michael Zwiebach - April 12, 2022

The electronica-meets-classical presenter stretches out to a non-club venue.

Michael Zwiebach - April 5, 2022

Performing in small spaces scattered around the East Bay and San Francisco, a host of smaller musical organizations are making a noise in April.

Michael Zwiebach - March 29, 2022

The six-time Grammy winner is a passionate advocate for new music and music education, and he makes his SF Symphony debut April 7–9.

Michael Zwiebach - March 29, 2022

Making use of a variety of community partnerships, the company intends to welcome back its audience for a full season.