Grand Feature Film Orchestra - community/youth ensemble (GFFO)

The Grand Feature Film Orchestra (GFFO)

We're a non-profit San Francisco Bay Area student/community group based in Vacaville, California.  With a passion for how music, sound effects, and visual media come together to tell stories, The Grand Feature Film Orchestra studies, rehearses, and presents creative original and restored film scores live with the movie. Films from Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton, Lang, and more, come to life with the music perfectly synchronized with the action on the screen.

Young Women's Chorus

The Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco is YWCP’s premiere performing ensemble and is comprised of singers who exhibit excellent vocal technique and musicianship skills. YWC sings challenging choral music for women’s voices, emphasizing classical compositions from all eras, and including world music, jazz and Broadway selections. All members of YWC take voice lessons from a professional voice teacher in small classes every other week. Led by Artistic Director Dr.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adult Extension Division Cello Ensemble (Intermediate & Advanced)

Classes offered on two levels, intermediate and advanced. Student ensembles will perform works recorded by notable groups including the Berlin Philharmonic Cellos, the Yale Cellos, and the London Cello Sound. Students should have good intonation and rhythm and be comfortable with thumb position as well as bass, tenor, and treble clefs.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adult Extension Division Class Piano I & II

These classes approach playing the piano through understanding music theory with emphasis on sight-reading, transposition, and rhythm. Piano I begins with music notation (rhythm and intervals). In conjunction with playing simple classical pieces, students learn major scales, relative and parallel minor scales, and chords (tonic, dominant, and sub-dominant). Piano II explores these same subjects in greater depth, while adding seventh chords, practice techniques, ensemble, and analysis of students’ repertoire.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adult Extension Division Musicianship (Music Theory)

This class is designed for students who want to enhance their current musical literacy. Coursework will focus on developing aural perception and understanding musical materials- rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic- in both tonal and modal contexts. The class covers the following musical elements:Chromatic intervals, Common chord progressions and cadences, Basic keyboard harmony, Introduction to harmonic analysis and musical form.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adult Extension Division Jazz Piano

Jazz piano is designed for those students who love jazz, already play the piano, read music, have some experience with music theory, and are interested in learning how to improvise. Students learn about chord symbols, voicings, common jazz chord progressions, scales and modes, as well as other tools that allow them to begin the rewarding journey into jazz improvisation. A play-a-long CD is provided to give students the opportunity to learn tunes at home while playing with a drummer and bass player anytime! Lessons are shaped to match each student’s interest and level of ability.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adult Extension Division Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is helpful for musicians who wish to play with more coordination and freedom. Understanding the subtleties of how the head, torso, breath, and limbs relate to each other enables us to make music at our full potential of power and expression. Unconscious habits of movement can lead to excess muscle tensions, which can lead to pain and injury as well as dampening the free flow of communication with the audience.