Musically Minded Academy

In this ensemble, students will explore the guitar in a group setting, learning both rhythm accompaniment techniques and music theory. Further development and refinement of basic skills. Introduction to beginning and more intermediate and advanced techniques. Students enrolling in the Beginning class do not any experience, but it is helpful. Student provides his or her own guitar. Students enrolling in the intermediate level class must have prior experience on guitar and understand basic chords/scales.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir (Intermediate/Advanced level) is for boys ages 7-12 with previous choir experience and/or instrumental lessons, boys match pitch and are ready for 2-part music of choral standards including classical and contemporary works, continued sight-reading experience, more advanced tone building. Meets once weekly, 120 minutes plus small group Musicianship Class.

Overture Choir

Overture Choir (Beginning level), is for boys ages 6 and up with limited skills. Skills covered: matching pitch, steady rhythm, vocal tone building, beginning sight-reading, repertoire: unison classical and folk music plus rounds. Meets once a week, 90 minutes plus small group Musicianship Class.

Better World School of Music Show choir

Show choir is divided into two levels: Children's Show Choir (ages 5-8) and Pre-Teen Show Choir (ages 9-12). In Children's Show Choir, children sing the latest songs and incorporate fun dance moves, learn notes via boom whackers, and enjoy lots of rhythm studies via tap dancing. Students learn how to read real chorus music in two and three part harmony. Pre-Teen Show Choir is similar to Children's Show Choir but with music more interesting to this age group.