Musically Minded Academy

The Full Program runs for a full year (Aug 24-Aug 22). Enrollment includes 1 lesson every week of either 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes in duration (that’s 46 lessons in a year!) and 10 Academy events. These events are listed below:

  • Two recitals: October and June
  • A Holiday Performance Party
  • A CD party where students receive a copy of their own recorded performances
  • Labs: small group instruction targeting a specific musical skill (e.g. rhythm)
  • An ensemble class
  • An “optimal skills performance” class which helps prepare students mentally and psychologically for peak performance.
Program Types:
Instrument Types:
Program Styles:
Program Cost:
2,427/year (30 minute lessons) - $5,377/year (90 minute lessons)
Class Frequency:
Once a week
Class Duration:
30 - 90 minutes
Scholarship Programs:

Referral Discount Program, Option for Trial Lessons

Program Intensity:
Program Name:
Full Program Lessons