Kids Around the Bay

Trista Bernstein on April 25, 2012

I'm a Performer!

The best way to learn is by doing. And the best way to reach your greatest heights is to learn from a master. This is precidely the opportunity made available to music students, both young and old, through Berkeley Symphony’s "I’m a Performer" series.

On May 5th you can take the stage with Berkeley’s finest and take part in your Ode to Joy. The series strives to eliminate any inhibitions musicians may have by providing the music electronically on their website. They even take it a step further but providing the music in different difficulty levels. This remarkable series truly takes the fear out of performing.

Whether you are a seasoned performer or a novice who has never stepped on stage, this performance is not to be missed. Brush off your fiddle and head on over for your debut with the Berkeley Symphony!

Showcasing Rising Stars

City Ballet

Stars spring each year from the ranks of the City Ballet School. The discipline and skill of the young students is astounding, but even more incredible is their sheer grace. The school is recognized worldwide for its Russian-based training. The merit of this method is shown once again this year as two of the students are called up to San Francisco Ballet with professional contracts. In addition to San Francisco Ballet, the alumni of the school fill the rosters with such companies as Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, and Alberta Ballet.

To say we are fortunate to have these young students learning and thriving in San Francisco is a gross understatement. The students will once again amaze all of the Bay Area with their upcoming Spring Showcase. The performance will have plenty of treats for the audience as the students show their classical roots in Yuri Zhukov’s Classical Symphony, followed by the contemporary Bolero. The audience will even be privy to the premier of Zhukov’s fairy tale The Tail of the Gnomes. This piece uses fragments of the beloved Mussorgsky score Pictures at an Exhibition, as well as Tchaikovsky’s Seasons. The entire audience will be on the edge of their seats as the students try to dance their way to hidden treasures.

Fremont Symphony: Hooray For Hollywood

Fremont Symphony Orchestra

Our childhoods are dotted with the incredible movies and music we experienced on our paths. Fremont Symphony is bringing those nostalgic hits to the stage for an incredible experience everyone will enjoy. The upcoming concert "Hooray for Hollywood" will feature classic hits which speak to every generation. Children will delight in the music from Wizard of Oz and The Lion King. Parents will thrill to the tunes of Casablanca and Dr. Zhivago. And of course everyone will be on their feet as the program tumbles to a close with John William’s E.T. and Superman.

Fremont Symphony will go one step further to reunite the audience with the past through the showing of the silent film One Week accompanied with live orchestra. This 1920 Buster Keaton comedy depicts the chaotic missteps of a newlywed couple with the ultimate first task as husband and wife — assembling a build-it-yourself house. The topsy-turvy home will ensure plenty of laughter as the plot unfurls.