SFCV’s perceptive writers report on topics relevant to opera.

Janos Gereben - September 1, 2015

San Francisco Opera General Director David Gockley created verbal fireworks in New York when he criticized George Benjamin's Written on Skin.

Lily O'Brien - June 17, 2015

A new production in San Anselmo will have plenty of unusual ideas, dancing, and even some extra music.

Jason Victor Serinus - June 5, 2015

The San Francisco Opera music director talks about music, art, and how artists are real people, too.

Jason Victor Serinus - April 7, 2015

A well-played revival makes a convincing case for a rare opera.

Lily O'Brien - March 10, 2015

Local composer Allan Shearer and his librettist Claudia Stevens have taken one strand of a great novel and brought it to the operatic stage.

Jason Victor Serinus - March 4, 2015

An intrepid singer finds a long-lost Venetian Baroque opera and brings it to performance.

Janos Gereben - July 23, 2013
Alexander Tsymbalyuk as Calixto Bieito's Boris Godunov Photo by Wilfried Hosl
Alexander Tsymbalyuk as Calixto Bieito's Boris Godunov
Lisa Hirsch - October 28, 2012

While it’s hard to explain the artistic alchemy that makes Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’s opera a success, it is surprisingly entertaining in the theater.

Jason Victor Serinus - July 18, 2012

An inspiring voice teacher speaks of the challenges and thrills he experiences with his opera-stars-to-be, at the Merola and Adler programs of S.F. Opera.