San Francisco

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Andrew Gilbert - July 18, 2022

The Berkeley native, joined by singer Sami Stevens, shares a remarkable set in this small venue.

Lisa Hirsch - July 18, 2022

The company completes its tour of Philip Glass operas with a reimagined take on this fairy-tale classic.

Victoria Looseleaf - July 15, 2022

With Gustavo Dudamel now music director in Paris too, this summer’s performances could be the start of an ongoing collaboration for the LA Phil.

Lou Fancher - July 15, 2022

The vocalist has much to share about jazz, the human condition, politics, and the creative life. Here, she drops just a bit of her accumulated wisdom.

Michael Zwiebach - July 12, 2022

The artist training program presents substantial excerpts of four major works at this weekend’s Schwabacher Summer Concert.

Michael Zwiebach - July 12, 2022

It’ll be wild, but some of it will be wonderful, as live performance mixes with films about and around opera.

Richard S. Ginell - July 11, 2022

The eclectic American composer has been writing ragtime music off and on since 1967, all collected on a new recording.

Tom Jacobs - July 11, 2022

The star conductor says she draws on all her training, from studying jazz to speaking six languages, when preparing a performance.

Michael Zwiebach - July 6, 2022

With several superior singers on hand, the concert was a worthy addition to the company’s summer season.

Jason Victor Serinus - July 5, 2022

Chilling history is the basis for this 2020 piece that reworks sacred musical tradition.