Music & Health

Jim Farber - January 23, 2023

At USC’s Keck School of Medicine, a multidisciplinary clinic works to treat neurological conditions that afflict instrumentalists.

Lou Fancher - November 8, 2022

Students and faculty at Stanford Medicine now have a group creative outlet.

Andrew Gilbert - July 25, 2022

Bassist Giulio Cetto was a vital presence on the Bay Area jazz scene before an accident struck, but he rallied with the help of the community.

Victoria Looseleaf - April 24, 2022

The SF Ballet principal and others talk openly about their own battles in a high-stress, physically demanding profession.

Jim Farber - September 14, 2021

As performances return, musicians have to be prepared for the stresses of the job. Here’s how they do it.

Lou Fancher - November 30, 2020

Music Got Me Here traces one teen’s recovery from traumatic brain injury via music therapy.

Lou Fancher - June 8, 2020

Written especially for women survivors of violence, the interactive e-book provides lessons and ideas of value to anyone.

Lou Fancher - April 10, 2020

Taming anxiety is a matter of mastering “flow,” whether it’s on the concert stage or in a sports arena.

Steven Winn - November 15, 2012

In Lost and Sound, an emotional new documentary film, we are invited to share the experience of hearing impaired musicians as they find new paths to music and testify to music’s transformative power.