Women in Music

Michael Zwiebach - September 26, 2023

The star violinist and entrepreneur arrives in Walnut Creek to play Wynton Marsalis with the California Symphony.

Lou Fancher - September 19, 2023

Crediting her parrot, Lulu, as a collaborator, Reid brings her piece Ambient Bird to Berkeley’s Live Oak Park for the fall equinox.

Victoria Looseleaf - September 18, 2023

The mezzo-soprano is singing in back-to-back productions of Don Giovanni and The Barber of Seville this fall.

Tom Jacobs - September 15, 2023

The company is prioritizing innovation and inclusion by collaborating with all-woman writing teams in 2024.

Steven Winn - September 14, 2023

In a work laced with action-movie passion, soprano Angel Blue and mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Semenchuk are incisive and alluring.

Victoria Looseleaf - September 12, 2023

The singer has a commanding voice, but she continues to train and extend it, enjoying all of the practice and rehearsal along the way.

Andrew Gilbert - September 6, 2023

Extravagantly talented pianists, from acknowledged masters to heralded new talent, are blooming everywhere in the Bay Area this month.

Jim Farber - August 21, 2023

It’s a night without showiness or theatricality, just accomplished music-making.

Victoria Looseleaf - August 21, 2023

The violinist, whose latest album drops this month, continues to explore new music, overlooked works by Black composers, and much else.

Michael Zwiebach - August 9, 2023

The composer talks about the Augmented Orchestra, a new application that incorporates electroacoustic techniques more seamlessly.