San Francisco Girls Chorus Chorus School, Level IV

Emphasis is placed on more complex and challenging music, in addition to more demanding expectations for the refinement of sight-singing skills. Comprehension and vocalizing of musical phrasing is more complex at this level. Vocal technique is expected to become more consistent, and greater agility and practice are necessary to hear and learn music in more foreign languages. There are high expectations for the development of chorister independence in work ethic and also in rehearsal techniques. An ambitious schedule of performances allows Level IV choristers to offer their music – thereby sharing their talents and musicianship -- to a variety of audiences throughout the greater Bay Area. Level IV includes preparation to audition for the professional-level and touring ensemble, Chorissima.

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Program Cost:
$2,100 + camp
Class Frequency:
3-4 per week
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Academic year
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Chorus School, Level IV