Village Music School Project Rock Band

Project Rock Band is for all students who would like to play in a rock band with other young musicians. Classic songs are learned and performed by enthusiastic students in a fun supportive environment. The bands will focus on performing skills, group dynamics, theory, arranging, song writing and having fun as a member of a band. Playing in a supportive team environment allows students to build playing confidence, leadership skills and musicianship. Not to mention that because our students meet every week as a unit, they sound great!

Village Music School Private lessons

We believe that when music is fun, presented in a supportive environment, using materials that inspire practice and commitment, students develop a love and understanding for music that will last a lifetime. With twenty-five professional music instructors currently on staff we can accommodate all levels and styles of music and music students. From Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Songwriting, Improvisation, Campfire, Theory, Site-Reading, Introductory thru Advanced Group Classes our teachers provide students with a sound musical education.

Paul Green School of Rock Bootcamp

We are proud to offer the Bay Areas most fun, hands on, Rock and Roll Summer Camps. We specialize in helping musicians ages 8-18 realize their full potential in music and in life. Our week long Rock and Roll Boot-Camps are a glimpse in to what we do at the School of Rock year round. Of course, as with everything we do here, our camps culminate with a real Rock and Roll show put on by our Boot-Campers.

Paul Green School of Rock Lessons & Band rehearsals

From the moment a student joins one of our schools they are playing music; loud, on professional equipment with other musicians. Before long, our students are playing live rock concerts. These are not your old fashioned wait -through-fifty-other-students mangling-their-songs- until-your-child’s- turn-arrives recitals, but real rock concerts at real rock venues in front of real rock audiences.