Basics, Blues and Beyond II - Jazz Ensemble Class

Basics, Blues and Beyond II (11am-1pm)

For students with 2+ years of experience. All ages are welcome but great for intermediate players. This jazz ensemble is a step beyond just the basics.

  • Skill Level: 2+ years of experience, All ages welcome, great for intermediate players, Music staff reading skills are required. Confidence as both a music leader and a follower, Strong focus skills.
  • Music Focus: Learning all 12 major scales and modes, Blues scales, and more, Ear training + sight reading, More standards + creating original music

Technique/Classroom Skills:

  • Strings: All positions;
  • Piano: All scales and I, IV, V chords and arpeggios;
  • Winds/Brass: Strong grasp of transposition and playing over the break.


  • – Ben Green, Woodwinds
  • – Rich Armstrong, Brass/Strings/Percussion

Teaching Assistants:

  • • Talia and Liam Young-Skeen

Class Meeting Times: Saturdays, 11AM – 1PM

  • • 11:00-11:45 Music Games/Theory/Composition
  • • 12:45-12:00 Break/Transition
  • • 12:00-12:45 Active music making on the stage
  • • 12:45-1:00 Cleanup/Closing
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Program Cost:
$775 per semester
Teaching Method:

Musically Minded offers unique music education programs in multiple genres on most instruments designed to help students develop a passion not only for individual instruments but for excellent musicianship. We aim to inspire our students to learn music as a language and communicate and connect with themselves and their communities by enjoying this art form.

Class Frequency:
Weekly, 2 hours each Saturday with performance opportunities
Class Duration:
Weekly, 2 hours each Saturday with performance opportunities
Scholarship Programs:

There will be scholarships in Spring of 2023, but not for this Fall 2022 session.

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Program Name:
Basics, Blues and Beyond II - Jazz Ensemble Class