Basics, Blues and Beyond I - Jazz Ensemble Class

Basics, Blues and Beyond I (11am-1pm)

Geared towards students with at least 1 year of musical experience. This class is rooted in the basics of jazz and blues with additional exploration of other genres. This is an excellent experience for those new to small ensemble playing.

  • Skill Level: 1 year of music experience, All ages welcome, but great for beginners, Previous music staff reading appreciated experience with teamwork and ensemble playing, ready to be a music leader and follower, Prepared to sit for an hour or more while focusing on music practice and leadership skills.
  • Music Focus: Up to 4 Major scales, triads, and blues scales, Reading/Ear-training, Jazz Standards from the "Real Easy Book" 

Technique/Classroom Skills: Strings: All positions; Piano: All scales and I, IV, V chords and arpeggios; Winds/Brass: Strong grasp of transposition and playing over the break.


  • – Ben Green, Woodwinds
  • – Rich Armstrong, Brass/Strings/Percussion

Teaching Assistants:

  • • Talia and Liam Young-Skeen

Class Meeting Times: Saturdays, 11AM – 1PM

  • • 11:00-11:45 Active music making on the Stage
  • • 12:45-12:00 Break/Transition
  • • 12:00-12:45 Music Games/Theory/Composition
  • • 12:45-1:00 Cleanup/Closing

LOCATION: 6013 Lawton Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618. Musically Minded @St. Peter's Church. Downstairs. 

Instrument Types:
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Program Cost:
775 per semester
Teaching Method:

Musically Minded offers unique music education programs in multiple genres on most instruments designed to help students develop a passion not only for individual instruments but for excellent musicianship. We aim to inspire our students to learn music as a language and communicate and connect with themselves and their communities by enjoying this art form.

Class Frequency:
weekly for 2 hours each Saturday
Class Duration:
2 hours per session
Scholarship Programs:

We will have scholarships in Spring of 2023, but not for this Fall 2022 session. We are fundraising. 

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Basics, Blues and Beyond I - Jazz Ensemble Class