Young Musicians Program

YMP is a music training program for talented 5th through 12th grade students who want to excel in music but who are not able to afford private lessons or specialized training. Participants, selected on the basis of musical potential and financial need, are provided with free musical instruction during the summer and school year. A scholarship program limited to 80 - 95 exceptionally gifted youngsters from low-income families, YMP provides preparatory training for students who plan to go on to college and professional careers. Participants must be willing to devote extensive time and energy toward their musical studies.

Students between the ages of 9 (current 4th graders) and 17 (current 11th graders) are eligible to apply. Students must be US Citizens or US Permanent Residents, live in the Bay Area and meet low-income eligibility guidelines. Students at all levels are encouraged to audition; advanced technique is not a prerequisite. See website for eligibility guidelines.

Program Types:
Program Styles:
Age, Minimum:
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Program Cost:
Class Frequency:
3 times a week
Class Duration:
2-4 hours, Year Round
Scholarship Programs:

Full Scholarship Program

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Young Musicians Program