Artist Spotlights

Michael Zwiebach - June 23, 2020

The prolific composer, one of the living giants of American composition, discusses his own idiosyncratic life journey and becoming comfortable with his nonconformist musical style.

Lou Fancher - June 22, 2020

In a long interview, the renowned jazz polymath talks about staying human and finding love, justice, and hope in dark times.

Lou Fancher - June 8, 2020

The Grammy-winning East Bay artist shares his insights on staying focused and creative in turbulent times.

Victoria Looseleaf - May 18, 2020

The “modern-day Diaghilev” talks about her role bringing groundbreaking works to the stage.

Lisa Houston - May 17, 2020

Clever planning, hard work, and a digital interface with Adler leadership keep the talented singer focused on her emerging career.

Lou Fancher - May 12, 2020

A new project engaging scores of musicians in broadcasting tales of the pandemic from around the world is keeping the eclectic composer busy.

Lily O'Brien - May 11, 2020

The innovative composer/DJ talks about his online educational program and keeping music alive during the pandemic.

Janice Berman - May 4, 2020

The company’s artistic director shares his ideas for coping with uncertainty and celebrates promotions and a new addition.

Lou Fancher - April 18, 2020

The jazz chanteuse shares her humor, insights into her new recording, and stories from a lifetime of making music.

Lou Fancher - April 13, 2020

The vibrant multi-instrumentalist talks about keeping the creative juices flowing when the outlets have dried up.