SFCV’s perceptive writers report on America’s native classical music.

Andrew Gilbert - May 25, 2020

The prolific jazz composer/clarinetist finds inspiration in seclusion for his Plague Diary.

Yoshi Kato - May 19, 2020

Jazz artists follow the lead of the classical world in finding new sources of patronage.

Victoria Looseleaf - May 14, 2020

Though anticipated, the news carries severe financial effects and is salt in the wounds of L.A. music lovers.

Andrew Gilbert - April 23, 2020

A veteran of Oakland’s black music scene tackles pandemic issues in a remarkable new album created in quarantine.

Lou Fancher - April 18, 2020

The jazz chanteuse shares her humor, insights into her new recording, and stories from a lifetime of making music.

Paul Kotapish - April 7, 2020

Fears about the long-term impacts of COVID-19 prompt the National Ballet of Canada to make sweeping changes to their season.

Peter Feher - March 31, 2020

Your comprehensive guide to online and streaming music from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. With links!

Jeff Kaliss - March 24, 2020

The jazz singer’s lyrics on Secrets Are the Best Stories reveal his roots in divinity school.

Andrew Gilbert - March 21, 2020

An appreciation for the brilliant jazz pianist and his special relationship with greater San Francisco.

Lou Fancher - March 21, 2020

The pianist unveils her latest recording and talks about its deep roots in traditional music.