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Tamzin Elliott - August 21, 2022

The electro-acoustic duo’s debut album, Twenty Twenty, takes listeners on an epic, unsettling journey.

Richard S. Ginell - August 14, 2022

A dozen different groups and composers put their spin on Satie’s simple piano masterworks.

Richard S. Ginell - August 8, 2022

The 26-year-old Klaus Mäkelä shows poise in tackling one of the giants of symphonic music.

Richard S. Ginell - August 1, 2022

Genius pianist, oddball, polemicist — here’s Gould at his best, including a lot of things that deserve more notoriety.

Jason Victor Serinus - July 25, 2022

The tenor gets personal in this heartfelt song cycle, recently recorded along with two of Muhly’s other major works.

Richard S. Ginell - July 11, 2022

The eclectic American composer has been writing ragtime music off and on since 1967, all collected on a new recording.

Jason Victor Serinus - July 5, 2022

Chilling history is the basis for this 2020 piece that reworks sacred musical tradition.

Janos Gereben - July 5, 2022

Look back on some of the composer’s great works from the past 40 years.

Richard S. Ginell - June 27, 2022

The adventurous Chicago ensemble records a set of new works that at times sound reassuringly traditional.

Richard S. Ginell - June 11, 2022

A new CD of the Finnish composer’s pieces for violin and orchestra suggests that he was far from finished.