Symphonic Guides for the Rest of Us

Paul Kotapish on June 9, 2016
Except from TSO’s listening guide for Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 in C Major (“Jupiter”)

Conductors must visualize the full shape of a symphony, with all its ebbs, flows, twists, and turns, while navigating the specifics via a fat, tabloid-sized score with a dozen or more staves per page. It’s a daunting task for the most seasoned of music readers, and near impossible for the neophyte. A recent post by Mark Sinclair in Creative Review reveals an innovative approach developed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and a clever graphic designer to provide easier signposts.

Starting with their most recent season, TSO has been furnishing concertgoers with beautifully designed listening guides that provide graphic maps for the music, with clues that even the least savvy listener can follow.

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