Women Conductors Held Down by the Glass Podium

Paul Kotapish on June 9, 2016
Concert finale at the Hart Institute for Women Conductors at The Dallas Opera. From left, Jennifer Condon, Jessica Gethin, Stephanie Rhodes, Anna Skryleva, Natalie Murray Beale and Lidiya Yankovskaya. | Credit: Karen Almond

Music may be gender blind, but the music business is not, reports The Dallas Opera’s General Director Keith Cerny in his Theater Jones column, Off the Cuff. According to Cerny, many of the 156 applicants for this year’s Hart Institute for Women Conductors program listed challenges ranging from old-fashioned sex discrimination to more nuanced issues such as balancing careers and motherhood. It isn’t all bad news, though, as many of them predicted emerging opportunities for women taking up the baton.

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