Lisa Hirsch

Lisa Hirsch is a technical writer. She studied music at Brandeis and Stony Brook, and blogs about classical music and opera at Iron Tongue of Midnight.

Articles By This Author

Lisa Hirsch - November 23, 2017

Stellar performances and flashes of musical brilliance aren’t enough to lift an opera that tells too much and shows too little.

Lisa Hirsch - October 3, 2017

For many, S.F. Opera’s splendid production demanded repeat viewing, reports SFCV’s own repeat attender.

Lisa Hirsch - September 5, 2017

The charming soprano sings the challenging title role in S.F. Opera’s Elektra

Lisa Hirsch - August 7, 2017

No disruption here: Music Director Cristian Mačelaru first concerts at Cabrillo have a familiar vibe.

Lisa Hirsch - May 29, 2017

Philip Glass’s beautiful dance-opera adaptation of a thorny Jean Cocteau theme gets the first-rate production and performance it deserves.

Lisa Hirsch - April 25, 2017

Superb musicianship, unusual vocal techniques, and fascinating repertoire choices set this chorus apart.

Lisa Hirsch - March 28, 2017

Magen Solomon’s unusually broad program showcases nearly a millennium of music by and about women.

Lisa Hirsch - March 13, 2017

A rare performance by the Italian soprano delivers Poulenc’s monodrama of misery and longing.

Lisa Hirsch - January 30, 2017

Flat programming and dull arrangements don’t fulfill the promise of the revered ensemble.

Lisa Hirsch - January 17, 2017

Pretty presentation does little to inject drama into an early Mahler cantata